Prayers to Memorize


Basic Catholic Prayers and Lists for Grades K-8

 Why should your children memorize prayers and lists?

The prayers and lists found below are a small part of the beautiful treasury of traditional prayers and devotions of our Catholic Faith. They help provide us with a glimpse into the foundations of our Faith and a base from which our children can learn how to live their Faith; hopefully, they’ll be well prepared and will want to share their love for Jesus and the Church He established.

Each CCD class will begin and end with a prayer. The Diocese offers guidelines for prayers to be learned at each grade level. In addition, Bishop Burbidge has provided a “Preparation for Confirmation” for older students. The list below provides a breakdown of information by grade level, coordinating the information with the curriculum from the Faith and Life textbook series and the Diocesan guidelines, when possible. A booklet containing these prayers is available and has been given to all children in the religious education program.

Parents are asked to teach these prayers and lists to their children at the indicated grade level. Praying regularly at home will help them to master the required prayers. Students will be asked to show mastery of the prayers designated for their grade level (and preceding grade levels), either orally or through a written assessment (for older children).

First Grade

Genuflexion (method and meaning)

Sign of the Cross

Glory Be

Hail Mary

Our Father

Guardian Angel Prayer

Second Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

Act of Contrition

The Ten Commandments

Form of Sacrament of Reconciliation

Third Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

Grace Before Meals

Grace After Meals

Seven Sacraments

Prayer to Saint Michael

Fourth Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

Hail, Holy Queen (Salve Regina)

Morning Offering


Fifth Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

Apostles Creed

Twelve Apostles Chosen by Christ

Mysteries of the Rosary

Fatima Prayer

Sixth Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

The Beatitudes

Parts of the Mass

Holy Days of Obligation in the United States

Seventh Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Name and define)

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Three Theological Virtues

Four Cardinal Virtues

Eighth Grade

Previous requirements, plus:

Corporal Works of Mercy

Spiritual Works of Mercy

Marks of the Church

Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching


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Sacrament of Penance:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:45 am – 8:15 am
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Expanded schedule for Advent and Lent

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